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Extravagant Love

Summarized from Adrian Rogers sermon

Mark 14: 1-9 – Jesus is dining at Simon the leper’s house with people who truly love him, and Mary demonstrates her love for Jesus by anointing His feet with her expensive perfume, and then she wiped His feet with her hair.

Mary’s extravagant love for Jesus:

–  Mary demonstrated her commitment to Him by breaking the flask filled with the extremely expensive perfume.  Once she broke the flask all of the perfume had to be used.  This commitment was absolute.   Once the flask is broken the perfume cannot be returned to the flask.

–  Mary demonstrated Jesus’ value to her by using what was probably her most expensive possession, saying to Jesus that He meant more to her than even her most prized possession. 

–  Mary demonstrated Jesus’ importance to her by washing His feet. He was more important to her than her pride and her reputation.  Mary had to let her hair down in order to wipe His feet, and at this time only prostitutes wore their hair down in public.  Also, only servants washed the feet of others.  Mary was humble before Jesus.


Very few people now a days show extravagant love for Jesus.

Are you totally committed to Jesus?

Is Jesus more valuable than your possessions?

Is Jesus worth more to you than your pride?  Your reputation? 


It is time the people fell in love with Jesus again.